Thomas Meinecke & Move D - Work

Thomas Meinecke & Move D


International Deejay Gigolo Records
VÖ Datum: 18.05.2018
Genre: House
Format: Maxi / EP
7,79 €
1. Say My Name
2. (Time To) Work The Box
3. Work Me (Thats Fierce)
4. Work Me (Please Don´t Stop)
Thomas Meinecke & Move D - Work


International Gigolo Records are re-releasing Move D's & Thomas Meinecke's joint LP "Work". For the first time it will be released on digital & vinyl.

WORK is a four-letter- word

Since the 1920's one could establish an etymological mix between the sphere of work and love, as the so-called 'working girls' (young, employed women, mostly employees in bureaus, who wore short skirts and even shorter hair and smoked in pubic), marked not only the first broad noticeable swing with previously unknown women who had sovereignty over their sexuality (not just in sociological sense), but also commonly working girl could also mean a prostitute. In a subcultural jive the word 'work' built up increasingly to a word for self-determined, often sexually dissident activities, until they become central term in the overly queer, mostly Latin-American subculture (glorified by Judith Butler and Madonna) of
the vogue ballrooms, Spanish harlems. 'You better work' is the chorus of the super hit "Supermodel" by the drag queen RuPaul and that was truly not meant as a call to the working moral of the Anglo-Saxon protestant (WASP) society of the USA (the accompanying video clip was turned in New York for its chiseled street walkers infamous meat-packing district). The 'Underground house music' of New York, Chicago's Booty Bass or Detroit's Ghetto tech uses the word until today in the context of almost loosely sexual metaphors (work my body over), that here often are coded as very bipolar, don't serve the (business)ubiquitous sexism, but (in the triangle of defamation 'race, class and gender') pose a critical potential. David Moufang and Thomas Meinecke 'worked' their way through the repertoire of this exciting music, producing a hypnotic mix of countless samples, paired with statements by the involved
(dance veterans, drag queens, DJs) and their own voices and instruments. Other Rooms, other voices.

Ever since 1998 the in 1996 Heidelberg-born musician, studio owner and dj David Mouf

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