Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor (LP)
Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor (LP) (Back)


Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor (LP)

VÖ Datum: 26.01.2018
Genre: Electro Pop
Format: LP
16,99 €
1. And The Fishes In The Ocean
2. Heels Much Too High
3. Ode: Springtime And Summer
4. Sometimes I Don´t Regret
5. Eclectic Mystic
6. Under The Tree
7. What
8. The Story Of The Mongolian Horse
9. Shadows Of The Inner Light
10. It Doesn´t Matter How You Are
11. Ode: The Dark Ages
12. A Time When Painters Painted More
13. The Moon And The Night And The Men
14. What Is Real And What Is Wrong
15. Ode: Oh My Lord Milord
16. Ask Your Local Keyboard Player
Marsmobil - Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor (LP)


Art pop meets Mongolian throat singing, Blade Runner meets Walter Carlos (Clockwork Orange), Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan (Bowie’s favourite band) meet Tame Impala.

The fifth album from Marsmobil has been hailed by many as their best yet. With closer ties to “Minx” (2006) than the last two albums, “Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor” returns to Marsmobil’s signature strength of wondrously brilliant songs (“And The Fishes In The Ocean”, “Shadows Of The Inner Light”) that blend off-the-wall cinemascope sounds with dazzling beats and punchy, powerful hooks to create uniquely distinctive art pop anthems.
As always with Marsmobil, Roberto Di Gioia writes, plays, sings and programs everything himself. Here, as on “Minx”, he’s brought in support from a fabulous singer – the very wonderful Amber Lin, who contributes vocals on four songs. All the cover illustrations are also by Di Gioia.

Multi-instrumentalist Roberto Di Gioia needs little introduction. The curious can explore his biography, discography and extensive lists of projects and collaborations as musician and songwriter (see below) for an impression of the hugely diverse achievements of this multi-talent and brilliant musician.
As a topical heads-up, Roberto Di Gioia is also the founder of the German jazz supergroup Web Web and released the album “Oracle” in September 2017. The second Web Web album will follow in early 2018, hard on the heels of the fifth Marsmobil release. Di Gioia also wrote and produced “Teufelswerk” for DJ Hell and contributed virtually all the songs on Hell’s latest album, “Zukunftsmusik” (NOVA MD/feiyr)

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