Monkey Maffia - Secular Earth Disk
Monkey Maffia - Secular Earth Disk (Back)

Monkey Maffia

Secular Earth Disk

freude am tanzen
VÖ Datum: 05.12.2017
Genre: Tech-House
Format: Maxi / EP
10,49 €
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1. Bad Or Good
2. Fake Heroes
3. Mini Mi
4. Schörless
Monkey Maffia - Secular Earth Disk


Good things take time – ideally, including a great deal of oomph. At least when it concerns new tracks from within Monkey Maffia’s inner circle. It has been four whole years since we received the momentary last piece of the “Monkey Maffia Music Club”, 12 inches full of funky nasty beasts dedicated to the best dancefloors of this world. In the meantime, a remix was released here and a track was presented there, but now we may once again enjoy a full load of Monkey Maffia. And on top of that the now 75th release of Freude am Tanzen!
Monkey Maffia is personally providing the soundtrack for this ceremonial occasion. His tracks continually supply tremendous amounts of oomph to parties as well as loads of gravity and funk. After all, as an experienced DJ he simply knows what an awesome night looks like – a straight bass drum fractured while simultaneously amplified with infinitely warm synths. On one track, bass and percussion are throwing all our worries overboard, on the next one pads and vocals are shimmering to the bet. Whatever may happen, it can be said with utmost certainty that it will never become boring on either secular flat earth.
A1 – Bad Or Good?
A total brain and leg screw, that spins and spins and spins. Any DJ willing to test how much funk a dancefloor can bear up to the third decimal place, will be perfectly served with this track as proof.
A2 – Fake Heroes
Short reminder, but detailed clattering minimal with soul does still exist. At first, “Fake Heroes” frostily shines through aerial heights; however, then submerges all the more into unforeseen depths.
B1 – MiniMi
Somehow jazzy, but was meant as house. Similarly hypnotic, equally free. Common thread is the bass drum, along which anything is possible. File under: secret weapon for truly late hours and DJs with guts.
B2 – Schörless
This is a track that sends Larry Heard on an Orient trip and thereby extends over a much longer period than its brief four-and-a-half-minute length. For all those who

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