Derek Carr - Distant Systems

Derek Carr

Distant Systems

Firescope Records
VÖ Datum: 01.09.2017
Genre: Electro / Electronic
Format: Maxi / EP
11,99 €
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1. Artifice 2
2. Terrahawk
3. 3 3 8 9
4. East Is East
Derek Carr - Distant Systems


The FireScope Records adventure goes from strength to strength with release number 8, and we are very proud to present on this label Mr Derek Carr. Established in Ireland in the early 90's Derek has released many ground breaking and classic EPS for labels such as 'For Those That Knoe', 'Revoke' & 'Why So Series'.

Born and raised in Westmeath, Ireland, Derek got an early taste for finely crafted melodic techno through compilations like Network's 'Bio-Rhythms' and Warp's 'Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove'. Having been a fan of bands such as Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode through his formative years, Derek felt drawn to this new sound coming from Detroit.

In 2001 Derek launched his own label 'Trident Recordings' and released the 'Copper Beech e.p.' (the only release to date) a collection of deep soulful techno, it has since become something of a collector's item. Subsequent releases on 'Digital Soul' 'Headspace' 'Nice & Nasty' and 'Geek Records' further cemented Carr's place amongst a new generation of techno producers that looked to combine soul and melody with electronic dance floor grooves.

The EP entitled Distant Systems is a musical adventure for a quest for a new home land, a new planet, a new start, It is proper techno, proper melodies , beats and pads for this adventure. Derek is a master at creating thoughtful emotive and simply wonderful techno that fits in so naturally on FireScope Records

Artifice 2' 808 drums and lush pads - what a perfect start - a track like this is perfect like this .... But then ... the Baseline drops, it embeds itself into what back drop as we wait for what happens next,

Terrahawk' An otherworldly techno track. The usual elements are here but somehow they convert a story quite different to the norm

3 3 8 9' A amazing baseline in this track seems to speak as it conveys must more than just notes, the expression conjures up some strange alien dialect as real emotive strings/pads/beats wrap themselves around it

East is Eas

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