Hippie Priest - See It Through

Hippie Priest

See It Through

VÖ Datum: 24.07.2017
Genre: Tech-House
Format: Kassette
7,49 €
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1. Umbrella Keeper
2. Thorn
3. Quicksand
4. Field Hats (Plateau Mix)
5. Crystal
6. Are You Okay?
7. Cherry Blossom
8. Desire
9. Wibbles
10. Tanuki
11. Tired Lioness
Hippie Priest - See It Through


Limited to 75 Tapes

Hippie Priest returns to Argot to release his second album, See It Through. Having made great strides at dialing in his production and strengthening his songwriting since the release of Gaia Variants in 2016, the young Champaign-based producer focuses his sophomore longplayer around a narrative approach. 'See It Through is a day in the life of a lioness", says Hippie Priest, 'Beginning with the soft ambience of waking up in the morning, leading up to an intense hunt in the middle, and into evening revelry and eventual slumber". The album's 11 tracks cover a large stretch of sonic ground to tell this story. Its glowing opener, 'Umbrella Keeper' gives way to widescreen stompers 'Thorn' and 'Quicksand' that clear the way for more contemplative moments like 'Crystal' or 'Cherry Blossom". One can't help but imagine a dramatic hunt while listening to 'Are You Okay' or carnivorous displays on 'Desire". Even tender scenes are possible with closers 'Tanuki' and 'Tired Lioness", gorgeous movements in which Hippie Priest's melodic profficiencies shine brightest. Vital Sales Points: - Second album from the up-and-coming young producer from central Illinois

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