Rhythmic Theory/Pessimist - Outlawed From Reality
Rhythmic Theory/Pessimist - Outlawed From Reality (Back)

Rhythmic Theory/Pessimist

Outlawed From Reality

VÖ Datum: 18.07.2017
Genre: Beatz
Format: Maxi / EP
8,75 €
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1. Pessimist - Empty House (Rt's Choppage Mix)
2. Rhythmic Theory - Outlawed From Reality
3. Rhythmic Theory - Cyclic Motion
4. Rhythmic Theory - Rachael's Theme
Rhythmic Theory/Pessimist - Outlawed From Reality


Creme Organization welcome a new producer to the ranks for their next EP: that man is Rhythmic Theory, a mysterious artist from Bristol who has years of experience of DJing, producing and running labels behind him. Most recently he has been in charge of his own eponymous label, and has close involvement with the BRSTL imprint as well as releasing on Idle Hands and Happy Skull. Across four track he shows a number of different sides, all of which are fascinating and inventive. Pessimists' opener Empty House (RT's Choppage Mix) is a sparse and broody track with, at first, only the occasional kick drum beneath sooty synth smears. Its from a post-human world and eventually turns into a lurching, off beat track that rises form the ashes of jungle and dubstep with real menace. Outlawed From Reality is another slow and purposeful track that is eerie and cinematic: the off beat drums and spooky atmospheres are full of intrigue and suck you right in, then Cyclic Motion continues to bring a paranoid and unsettled feel to the EP with its layering of elastic drums, naught sine waves and scattered drum hits. Last of all, Rachael's Theme mixes up passages of blissful cosmic ambient with loose, rumbling drums and a general vibe that feels something akin to passing from this life to the next.

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