Map Vs Dj Haus - X-mod Ep

Map Vs Dj Haus

X-mod Ep

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams
VÖ Datum: 21.04.2017
Genre: Deep House
Format: Maxi / EP
10,49 €
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Map Vs Dj Haus - X-mod Ep


DJ Haus (the hardest working man in show business!) teams up with Mak & Pasteman for our landmark quarter century release!!! How the hell did that happen we only expected to manage about 4 releases tops We are really proud to welcome these guys to the ever expanding DABJ family, and they have not let us down with this first release... The title track and "Bang It" are room shaking heavy bass numbers, which we have been rinsing for almost a year now... Drive MF sounds like Paul Johnson and Daniel Bell "stuck in an elevator" (or some other bullshit analogy like that...). All 3 tracks = essential. period. "Buy on sight" etc etc...
Carefully hand stamped by the two slackest men in show business (or at least one of them anyway...)
Shout out once again to Lindsay Todd of Firecracker for the sick stamp designs!

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