Frak - Altan Gathering
Frak - Altan Gathering (Back)


Altan Gathering

Kontra Musik
VÖ Datum: 16.03.2017
Genre: Techno
Format: LP
18,99 €
1. Greater
2. De Klos
3. Reynerdes
4. Arcade 1673
5. Humalog
6. Circulate
7. Mantics
Frak - Altan Gathering



A long time ago, at a festival far, far away, the members of the legendary Borft trio Frak were just going to bed in their tent when something caught their attention. Now, this was well before Frak's rise to international fame - in fact, this moment was Swedish music history in the making, because what they heard was someone playing a Frak tune. That someone turned out to be Kontra-Musik's own Ulf Eriksson and once their paths had crossed, there was no turning back. Frak has since released five highly sought after records on Kontra-Musik and Kontra-Musik White Label. When it was time for a 10-year anniversary gathering in Ulf Eriksson's private garden, Frak of course turned up together with other Kontra artists like TM404 and Rivet. For those present - we few, we happy few - this turned out to be one of the most magical summer nights in living memory. The Swedish word for porch is altan, and so, to honour this wonderful experience of the whole Kontra-Musik family coming together, Frak decided to name their brand new album Altan Gathering. Another great friend of Kontra, Henrik Jonsson aka Porn Sword Tobacco, made the album cover and we wouldn't have it any other way. His aesthetic choice of tin foil is on point: Listening to Frak is a lot like biting into a fresh falafel wrap without first removing the aluminium foil holding the delicious mess together; it's mouth-wateringly warm and moist but at the same time intensely harsh and tough to chew. This might seem like a far fetched analogy but if you've ever went partying in Kontra-Musik's home town Malmo you'll know the feeling. And if you've never been to Malmo, well do stop by someday. It seems, when the stars align, the gatherings here can be the stuff both legends and albums are made of.

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