Accident Du Travail - Tres Precieux Sang
Accident Du Travail - Tres Precieux Sang (Back)

Accident Du Travail

Tres Precieux Sang

the trilogy tapes
VÖ Datum: 20.05.2016
Genre: Techno
Format: LP
22,99 €
1. Le Noir Pays
2. Queen's Funeral II
3. Mariage
4. Food Is Ready
5. Merluzo
6. Sheep's Joy
7. 3615 Gastro
8. Queen's Funeral
Accident Du Travail - Tres Precieux Sang


Terrific record! Eight charged, intimate meditations by Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux, playing a rickety ondes Martenot and an old church harmonium. Gripping, detailed, stately improvisation — a bit like the ùrlars in classical bagpipe music — which nervily mixes the sternly doom-laden with precarious, other-worldly wonderment. (The ondes Martenot is an amazing twentieth-century instrument — beloved by Messiaen, for example, and Varese. The theme-song of Star Trek is a vocal forgery of its sound. 'J'aime cette fragilité qui côtoie la capacité de te décoller le tympan sur certaines fréquences inopinément,' says Julie. 'Je tiens une bombe dans les mains. J'aime son instabilité, son humanité.') Wood, breath, blood, eggshells... on the night of a purple moon. Very warmly recommended

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