Lee Hazlewood - Cowboy In Sweden
Lee Hazlewood - Cowboy In Sweden (Back)

Lee Hazlewood

Cowboy In Sweden

light in the attic
VÖ Datum: 01.12.2016
Genre: Pop-Rock
Format: LP
29,99 €
1. Pray Them Bars Away
2. Leather And Lace
3. Forget Marie
4. Cold Hard Times
5. The Night Before
6. Hey Cowboy
7. No Train To Stockholm
8. For A Day Like Today
9. Easy And Me
10. Vem Kan Segla (I Can Sail Without The Wind)
11. Me And The Wine And The City Lights
12. Easy And Me (Alternate Version)
13. Pray Them Bars Away (Alternate Version)
Lee Hazlewood - Cowboy In Sweden


Cowboy in Sweden, the soundtrack to the 1970 cult classic film of the same name, is quite possibly the purest distillation of the Hazlewood sound, lush melancholy country pop with a pinch of humor
Lee Hazlewood spent a good part of the late 1960s traveling the globe, cutting records and inking business deals. A string of hits with Nancy Sinatra enabled Lee to build a mini media empire Lee Hazlewood Industries and afforded him nearly unlimited resources...for a time. By the end of the decade LHI Records had burned piles of cash, gone through a half dozen distributors and failed to achieve the kind of chart success Boots" had promised.

Fortunately for Lee there was a land where he was still on the top of the charts, a place where women flowed like Brannvin...Sweden was calling.

While on an LHI promotional tour in Stockholm, Lee crossed paths with Swedish director Torbjörn Axelman. I met Lee through my script girl, in Stockholm in 1969,' remembers Axelman. "We noticed we had very many similarities, interests, and the same backgrounds. It led to many productions during our 38 years of close partnership and friendship.' The partnership showed Lee the way forward and allowed him an easy exit strategy from the LHI house of cards that was crumbling in Los Angeles.

Light In The Attic records continues its Lee Hazlewood series with this expanded reissue of Cowboy in Sweden. Released as the last LHI LP, Cowboy in Sweden was a soundtrack to the 1970 cult classic film of the same name starring Lee Hazlewood. The film was a surreal psychedelic account of Lee's journey to his new homeland, while the soundtrack was a perfect compilation of Hazlewood's strongest songs recorded over a prolific globe trotting three year period. The production scope of the album was the most ambitious of his career, recorded in Paris, London, Los Angeles and Stockholm with a slew of talented session musicians, producers and arrangers.

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