Louis Haiman - The Cosmic Memory EP

Louis Haiman

The Cosmic Memory EP

Indigo aera
VÖ Datum: 23.09.2016
Genre: Techno
Format: Maxi / EP
9,15 €
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1. How Free Am I
2. Hidden Knowledge
3. How Free Am I (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
Louis Haiman - The Cosmic Memory EP


Louis Haiman returns to Indigo Aera with The Cosmic Memory EP, which features two originals as well as a remix by Berghain heavyweight Marcel Dettmann.

Haiman, who is also known for his output on Transmat and Abstract Forms, last released on Indigo Aera in 2012 with the highly acclaimed techno 2LP called Soul Purpose. In the past years Louis established himself as a producer with the ability to create avantgarde futuristic techno in classical Detroit roots.

His first single here is 'How Free Am I', and is eight delicate minutes of floating ambience and subtle, stripped back rhythm. It's all in the bassline at first, after pixel thin synths float in like fireflies before static crackle and soft percussions flesh out the heavenly sound world. Soothing and absorbing throughout, it becomes a forceful and high pressure bit of techno in the hands of Marcel Detmann who layers in solid kicks and clacking hits to drive things along. 'Hidden Knowledge' is then a slithering bit of atmospheric electro with rumbling synths and pads suspending you in deep space. It rounds out a captivating EP.

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