Various Artists - Pathos Lounge Bar (CD)

Various Artists

Pathos Lounge Bar (CD)

klik records
VÖ Datum: 25.07.2016
Genre: Deep House
Format: CD
14,99 €
Various Artists - Pathos Lounge Bar (CD)


Overlooking the Aegean Sea, facing breathtaking sunsets, set in an island of unique beauty, Pathos Lounge Bar, in Ios, is a blessed venue carrying all these elements that provide an unforgettable experience. Perfection to the slightest detail, highlighting all that Greece can provide to the summer thirsty visitor. Elegant premises, imaginative Greek cuisine with products from top notch producers from all over the country, a wine list with the leading labels from the country's pioneer chateaus and a cocktail list that can please even the most demanding taste. But what can give the magic touch to blend everything together is the music. And Pathos can be proud for providing the exact tune that every moment needs. From Dousk's cinematic The Place' that can accompany a drink by the swimming pool and Puccini's Nessun Dorma' that will follow the sun's dive into the Aegean Sea, to Nhar's mix on Lee Burton's You 've Got Me' that will make the bodies start moving and engage in a never ending party with Rennie Foster's Heart Shaped Shadow". Pathos Essential Dreams is just the beginning of a unique and beautiful musical trip in the heart of the Aegean Sea. During the summer of 2016 the decks of Pathos Lounge Bar will host some of the world's leading dj's alongside its resident for this year, straight from Buddha Bar Dubai, Glass Coffee. Surrender to the pleasures of nature, embrace the sea, the sun, the wind and relax with a soothing drink against the backdrop of the Aegean. In other words WELCOME TO PATHOS

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