Markee Ledge - Underground Railroad
Markee Ledge - Underground Railroad (Back)

Markee Ledge

Underground Railroad

VÖ Datum: 24.06.2016
Genre: Drum & Bass
Format: Maxi / EP
11,99 €
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1. Underground Railroad
2. Mad
3. Dreama
Markee Ledge - Underground Railroad


Kosheen member Markee Ledge, making the most of the groups hiatus, brings forward three solo productions for his debut release on Tempa.

Underground Railroad, already familiar to fans of DJ Youngsta's impeccably selected sets (it featured in his much lauded Resident Advisor Podcast (#495)), is an evocative mid-set 125 bpm shuffler.

Titled after the network of secret routes and safe houses established to help escaped slaves, and featuring vocal snippets from Malcolm X, and the works of prominent anti-slavery campaigner William Lloyd Garrison, the cinematic feel of the lead track is undeniable.

On the flip, 'Mad' takes an altogether more tech feel — an ever evolving stereo soundscape of scrapes, bleeps and rushes is anchored by constant bassline pressure, and the syncopated woodblock hits.

The EP finishes with the higher energy and more raucous 'Dream' — underpinned by the same bassline pressure as 'Mad', its swung hats the perfect counterpoint to the almost four-to-the-floor tension of the previous two tracks.

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