Khaliphonic - 04 Peaman: War 12"
Khaliphonic - 04 Peaman: War 12" (Back)


04 Peaman: War 12"

VÖ Datum: 18.12.2015
Genre: Beatz
Format: Maxi / EP
14,29 €
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1. War
2. Horns Of War
3. War (Rhumius Rmx)
4. Horns Of War (Rhumius Rmx)
Khaliphonic - 04 Peaman: War 12"


Summer of 2014 at Reconstrvct, Brooklyn NY - Ishan Sound was pummeling the capacity crowd with hi-powered steppers, cut after cut on beautiful acetate. Suddenly a huge sonic space opened up with a tune that was like a blast of cool air through the suffocatingly hot room... ZamZam's E3 was instantly captivated by the track, and knew we had to have it... but first we had to find out what it was!

The tune that had the crowd heaving and rocking in delight was Peaman's 'War' - a legendary dubplate by a mysterious producer, controlled by only a few including Ishan, Kahn and Bristol's DJ Dad. Massively warm sub-bass, uncompromisingly sparse one drop riddim, sublime horns and pads, and masterful control of reverbs define this understated killer. Powerful in its restraint and minimalism, War touches all the right marks in the frequency spectrum, making it an unforgettable hit with every sound system it's flexed on.

Khaliphonic 04 offers up the original tune alongside three versions on 12' vinyl. 'Horns of War,' an extended saxophone version excursion featuring James Morton soloing on the horn offers up pure, sparkling dubwise jazz like none we've ever heard. Two remixes by Bristol producer Rhumius on the B side bring War into steppers territory with a more insistent kick drum and oh-so-sweet fuller horn melodics.

Peaman shares the story of Horns of War's first play this summer in Bristol, and Babylon's reaction:

"Every year since we've been building our soundsystem, me and my sound system crew, 'Heathen' have managed to run at St Pauls Carnival and 2015 was no exception despite the event's official cancellation. We got a last-minute spot with a half stack, playing in the courtyard at legendary Bristol Soundman Froggy's Birthday party on Argyle Road. We put the boxes outside and ran cable all the way down through the garden and into the basement of the house, so far away we could not hear the rig. It was a mid sized event and most of our crowd were old school Bris

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