The Persuader - Varblommor
The Persuader - Varblommor (Back)

The Persuader


tardis records
VÖ Datum: 05.10.2015
Genre: Tech-House
Format: Maxi / EP
8,29 €
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1. Vitsippa (6:10)
2. Blaklocka (6:22)
3. Snodroppar (7:04)
The Persuader - Varblommor


Latest addition to the Tardis Records family is non other than quintessential Swedish techno veteran Jesper Dahlbäck: The man who has arguably had his fi nest club moments under his The Persuader moniker. An ode to the fl oral beauty of his nordic homeland, the three cuts of the „„Vårblommor EP tread his much beloved, hypnotic path between techno and house. It’’s the subtle quirkiness and authentic grit that makes these productions stand out from the vast uniformity of dubby club tracks. Opener „„Vitsippa is a particularly inviting number - a grand opus with irresistible drive and intermittent crackly vocals: That rare case of a dancefl oor healer. On the fl ip, „„Blåklocka is more laid-back, a reminisence of the persuaders early svek production style with a deep sub-bass, ambient textures and fl uttering melodies fuse into a deep, majestic groove. Driven by a positively forward-marching snare drum, „„Snödroppar fuses vivacious synths to delayed patterns, creating yet another track awash in a kind of sentimental lucidity. Endlessly looping through the night, these three jewels will make their way into the hearts and crates of the discerning DJ.

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