Kornel Kovacs - Radio Koko
Kornel Kovacs - Radio Koko (Back)

Kornel Kovacs

Radio Koko

VÖ Datum: 30.07.2015
Genre: Deep House
Format: Maxi / EP
9,65 €
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1. lighthouse
2. Gangsta
3. gangsta
4. Pantalon
5. malon (ft marcus price)
6. pantalon
7. pantalon
Kornel Kovacs - Radio Koko


We've long been admirers of Kornél Kovács and the Studio Barnhus label he co-runs, so it was only a matter of time before we poached him for a 12". Like some of us at Numbers he was an early starter, playing in clubs since the age of 14, promoting his own parties and hosting a radio show - the influential 'P3 Dans Show' on Swedish national radio. He's got a unique approach to house and techno which packs in bags of personality along with the odd curveball, but he always remains firmly focused on making people dance.

Dancing is exactly what you'll do to Radio Koko, that dream radio station where music never sleeps and the hits keep coming. Pantalon, the brexit baiting sequel to Sabrina's 'Boys, Boys, Boys' is on constant rotation and according to those in the know, is destined to top the charts in at least four European nation states despite an EU wide ban on it's accompanying video.

The many highlights of Radio Koko's night time programming includes the summertime jack of Lighthouse which can be adapted to suit both nightclub and bbq situations. Strictly for the club is the late night stalker jam Gangsta whose growling Reese basslines and Mentasm riffs are slowed down to a menacing 120 BPM.

Radio Koko also features special guest, Marcus Price who provides assistance on Malon, a soundclash of the melancholic and the ecstatic, matching up rough experimental drum programming with unexpected bursts of 'hands in the air' piano licks.

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