Route 8/black Mold/s Olbricht/basic Hous - Va01
Route 8/black Mold/s Olbricht/basic Hous - Va01 (Back)

Route 8/black Mold/s Olbricht/basic Hous


VÖ Datum: 23.03.2015
Genre: Tech-House
Format: Maxi / EP
9,65 € 4,34 €
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1. Route 8 - Mdmd
2. Black Mold - Virginia Slim
3. S Olbricht - Flanhat
4. Basic House - Boxlord
Route 8/black Mold/s Olbricht/basic Hous - Va01


Farbwechsel's first vinyl release has arrived, and it's a real international effort. The renowned Hungarian label's record features five artists from four countries on four tracks. Gazing through the Venetian blinds, it's the label's promising talent, Route 8 kicking it off with a vibing, 90s inspired house cut. Next up, Lumigraph and Patricia reset with a slow-churning, acid-flavoured techno. It's the sort of track you would expect to be played on an endless loop in all coal mines 500m below ground level. On the back side, Farbwechsel's founding father, S Olbricht gets in motion with the weirdly melodic, claustrophobic Flanhat reminding of Actress at his best. To close it off, it's another label head, Basic House of Opal Tapes fame testing your stamina with the EP's most direct, uptempo track. Certainly coherent but extremely diverse, Farbwechsel's first venture into the world of black plastic discs promises a bright future.

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