D-ribeiro - Purple Ghost Dance Ep
D-ribeiro - Purple Ghost Dance Ep (Back)


Purple Ghost Dance Ep

Meda Fury
VÖ Datum: 30.11.2014
Genre: Tech-House
Format: Maxi / EP
9,65 €
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1. the purple ghost dance
2. nightosphere
3. d4ngr
4. subliminal seducer
5. lumpy space people
D-ribeiro - Purple Ghost Dance Ep


After our departure to Russia with OL we head south west to Holland and visit star in the making D-Ribeiro, fresh from early releases on Midlight, Syncom Data and Finale Sessions.

He kicks things off with the slow jam EP title track Purple Ghost Dance.
Smoke trails of the LA abstract scene twist amongst eerie wind chimes and disembodied cartoon voices. MPC beatdown drums carry the tone and support an ajoining jazz-funk bass motif.

Upping the tempo with compressed breaks and fantasy staccato bleeps comes Nightosphere. More half heard voices and shakers precede the double drop of rubbery moog-like bass and a woody hip-hop kick and rimshot.

An array of filtered samples and offset hats and claps intro D4NGR. Before the stumbling Detroit style groove and disco-funk jelly bassline slap you giddy!

A seriously off-kilter floor-filler, for the freaks only!

Dilla-esque beats and skyward game console melodies unite on the head nodding Subliminal Seducer. The mangled squelches of a twisted P-funk bass guitar keep pace while drifting R&B vocal samples float above and around, while more interplay is created by extra lashings of percussion.
The hyperactive day-glo set closer Lumpy Space People starts with bone rattling percussion and breaks, the rasping pitch-bent bassline doing junkyard battle with various animated characters, and no clear outcome

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