modern deep left quartet - ditch pig ep
modern deep left quartet - ditch pig ep (Back)

modern deep left quartet

ditch pig ep

wagon repair
VÖ Datum: 15.01.2014
Genre: Minimal House
Format: Maxi / EP
8,59 €
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1. Ditch Pig
2. Harry The Kasse Man
3. Silent Samba
modern deep left quartet - ditch pig ep


The Modern Deep Left Quartet is back. Well actually, it never really went away, but due to contractual obligations they had been releasing as Cobblestone Jazz the past few years. So it's high time that the projects are re-branded as originally intended, and this release marks that foray into quirky techno and mid-tempo goodness.

On the A-side we have the synth stab orchestra known as Ditch Pig. It is direct and to the point, pushing onward and upward with a refined relentlessness. On the flip, we first find Harry the Käse Man, a mid-tempo slice of future funk. A chugging beat meets splashes of twanged out blips and quirky pads resulting in a welcome departure from the Quartet's normal direction. Rounding out the release on B2 is Silent Samba, a quirky and obtuse groove sprinkled with a little cheekiness and a touch of the abstract.

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