The Advent - D Sector ep
The Advent - D Sector ep (Back)

The Advent

D Sector ep

mixworks rec
VÖ Datum: 25.02.2014
Genre: Techno
Format: Maxi / EP
8,59 €
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1. d sector (main mix)
2. d sector (jason fernandes & v3 remix)
3. d sector (feat industrialyzer - sub sonic mix)
4. d secto (jason fernandes v4 remix)
The Advent - D Sector ep


Anyone familiar with techno will have almost certainly know who The Advent is. The Advent first started out as a duo (Cisco Ferreira & Colin McBean) producing music back in 1990 but weren’t known as The Advent until they released their first track in 1994. Having a solid history creating & producing music with & for some of the giants of techno including Derrick May, Jay Denham & Kevin Saunderson & releasing tracks previously on prestigious labels such as FFRR amongst others, Cisco Ferreira continues to produce some of the best techno ever known & this ep is no exception. Mixworks are proud to announce the release of D Sector by The Advent.
D Sector (the main mix) is a solid tech/house track that delivers sonic vibes which pierce the ears with serious sonic soul. The track has a great melodic feel, but coupled with some serious beats & a deep dubby synth, it cleverly balances the lighter melodic sounds with darker harmonics creating a perfect blend of sound & two different styles of music & flows seamlessly. The battle between light & dark can be clearly heard with the light becoming gloriously triumphant. Only a genius can pull this off & Cisco does this effortlessly.
D Sector Jason Fernandes Remix V3 is much more minimal & pared down than the original making it a totally different experience sonically. The track has a much darker feel, with a pounding bassline & a driving beat. Strange keyboards lend a delicious air of the more sinister side of techno, but there is still an undercurrent of warmth at play here. You can feel the light trying to escape from the dark & subtly so while calling to your inner voice.
The Advent & Industrialyzer SubSonic Remix is much funkier in style with more emphasis on the beats & a wonderfully infectious bass. It is deep, dark & ever so sexy with a vocal gasp that adds to the seductive flavour of this track & a hypnotic rhythm that keeps your attention centred throughout as it progresses further & deeper & penetrates you

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