Marian - Only Our Hearts To Lose (Remixes)
Marian - Only Our Hearts To Lose (Remixes) (Back)


Only Our Hearts To Lose (Remixes)

freude am tanzen
VÖ Datum: 12.02.2013
Genre: Tech-House
Format: LP
15,99 €
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1. letter (mooryc remix)
2. for you (marbert rocel remix)
3. someone (douglas greed feat kuss remix)
4. passengers (jesper ryom remix)
5. left (ruede hagelstein & the noblettes interpretation)
6. clouds (mathias kaden funky clouds remix)
7. pictures (console remix)
8. nothing (klinke auf cinch remix)
Marian - Only Our Hearts To Lose (Remixes)


(en) In June 2011 the house producer Marek Hemmann and the Singer Fabian Reichelt released their first album to the masses on Freude Am Tanzen. Only Our Hearts to Lose was one of the first markers on the way these two were headed they began with the street-sweeper single "Left/Right": the synthesis of pop and club, the melting of Marek Hemmanns singularly fine austere tech house and Fabian Reichelts lyrics. The results couldn't be disputed and even more appreciated, yet still not quite every techno fan could quite feel this flyer from their favorite DJ in strange (quite pop) clothes. Perhaps not everyone trusts themselves to just say to themselves: bring the pathos, the feelings and the melting voice because it just has to be! At the same time in the club context, because as they both are of the opinion that there is the most thrilling place for modern songwriting. Where else can you find the fundamentally excited and music loving bunch in one place? Where else can an artist drop his 'hurray' atom-bomb on the masses and drop it on the one? Thus, 'Only Our Hearts To Lose' presents a shimmering, beautiful being in the club and the balcony, between a tender sunset and the deepest part of the nights dance.

Exactly that is the reason that the colleagues take this being and bring it back, where Marek Hemmann as well as Fabian Reichelt began: on the dance floor. The remix palette encompasses a veritable all-star team of the current Freude Am Tanzen lineup, from the veteran FAT partner Douglass Greed and Mathias Kaden as well as the surrounding electro aficionado groups like Klinke Auf Cinch and Marbert Rocel up to the newest folks on the roster like Jesper Ryom from Denmark or the Polish DJ Mauryc Zimmerman aka Mooryc. The line-up is expanded by known-hands and always happily expected faces from the great club landscape: the Weilheimer sonic-pope Console honors the Marian-RMX-Release all the same as Mr. Ruede Hagelstein who for a long time from Berlin has put his stamp

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