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virgil enzinger



VIRGIL ENZINGER is an outstanding Techno Producer, Live Act and DJ from Salzburg (Austria). He is playing globally in the most renowned clubs and on major events and festivals like NATURE ONE (Frankfurt, Germany), DEFQON 1 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), TRESOR (Berlin, Germany), WONDERLAND (Chicago, USA), FABRIK (Madrid, Spain) and TOKYO ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL (Tokyo, Japan) to name a few.

Virgil has worked with artists such as chris liebing, The Advent, Eric Sneo, Xavier Morel (VX project), Submerge, etc. He has released his music on labels such as CLR, Kombination Research, Codeworks, Planet Rhythm, Naked Lunch, Masters of Disaster, Impact Mechanics, der hut, etc. Virgil has done numerous remixes for bas mooy, Tom Hades, brian sanhaji, Submerge, android muziq, Roman Zawodny, etc.

His tracks, mixes and remixes are standard repertoire on various radio shows such as dave clarke's WHITE NOISE or Dr. Hoffmann's BLINDSPOT.

Virgil's music carries a distinctive mark and he is widely regarded as the original creator of the DARK TECHNO genre.

In April 2010 Virgil started his own label I.CNTRL - the first releases are available now.

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