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Turm 3



Turm 3 is blowing on the electronic dance floor universe within a fresh music breeze from the Baltic Sea coast.

Those three talented boys from north germany win over us with lots of passionate
melodies and multifarious tracks between Neotrance, House and Techhouse music.

A growing fan base know what they can expect by the trio.

Turm 3 are not only making a splash with their releases as wellas during live performances. Doesnít matter if they occur as Live-Act or DJ-Team either way the audience gets feed with wonderful danceable viands.

A show with Turm 3 is a contrast bath of feelings. Pure adrenalin like a jump of a ten meter platform, when the phat bassdrums hits your face and on the other side soulful harmonies which make you floating over the dancefloor.

Itís the permanent impression to be part of something special in a moment between deep night and the rising sun. These feelings are not flying away so fast like the emotion when you are visiting the sea.

Donít miss Turm 3 in your city!