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Producer, DJ & Remixer !

Tosch is a producer, remixer and dj from germany. Since his beginning he released over 100 tracks on such wellknown labels, like: LAD Music & Publishing (PT), BEATDISASTER (GER), Connected (GER), Media-Records (GER), PEAKHOURMUSIC (USA), ZYX (GER), aqualoop (GER), Hypetrax (F), Nuclear (F), Ill-Fish (GER), Positive (F), BIZ (F), balloon-Records (AT), TecTrax (GER), Kontor (GER), BONZAIMUSIC (BE), Trafficrecords (UK), Universal (GER), Wicked Tunes / Musicmail (GER), DA-Music (GER), DanceStreet (GER) and some more. Having initially made his mark as a solo producer with big tech trance bombs and tough electro-house-tracks

He also records and remixes under the following established names: Thomas Schillinger (check also: www.myspace.com/thomasschillinger1), Da Cute, TFS, Tosch-NRG. And he..s producing other artists, like Ray & Kay, Nia Nabi, André S., Tom Dole, Maria, Out-S8, Swelled and more. With some of these projects he reached highest positions and chart-entries around the globe (details: www.tosch.cc). His powerful, tribal sets found lovers all around europe and he also made his first steps on US-market - did radio-interviews, special US-Releases and more.

Tosch was / is booked for many big events, like Streetparade, Loveparade, VIVA-Club-Rotation, DanceValley, Stargate, Illusion and played also for many important clubs, like Nightshift/Nachtschicht (Austria + South Afr.), A-Danceclub (Vienna), Musicpark (all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria), Arena (Switzerland), FUN-Parc (all over Germany), Fun-Maxx (Switzerland), Macumba (France), La Laiterie (France), Limelight (CZ), Baby O (AT), Bollwerk (AT) and many more.

Tosch is also working with many different artists and is involved in many releases from Sonic Monkey (Australia), Nia Nabi (USA), Kuckito, Iris Deejay (Spain), Tube Tech, Perplexer, DJ Sakin, Pit Bailay (German-Producer), sean finn, Edlington & Spleen, André S., Captain Jack and many more. You can buy all tracks over download-platforms (beatport, itunes, aol, musicload, fnac, napster, amazon, djshop, djtunes, deejay.de, audiojelly, juno.uk, and many more) and most of them also on compilation-cds or single-cds.

-The Tosch - sound is trance, techno, house and tough electro in a unique package that's both dynamic and devastating. The dj-sets of Tosch are energetic, tribal and groovy clubtrax. Not really defined on one special style. It..s a journey through electronic music ? kickin..your feet and ass away. Some of Tosch s sets are real shows with live-percussion, violinist, MC and singer. Very interesting for clubbers and partypeople. Booking-Request: tosch.mail@email.de or use link to MEA-Booking / Uwe.

-Before he started his dj- and producer-career and in his early years, Tosch worked in the clubmanagement, made bookings and was super-visor and manager. Therefrom he worked three years in switzerland and one year in austria.