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Tony T



DJ Tony T has been DJing for almost ten years. From humble roots as a ballroom, swing, & latin dance DJ, DJ Tony T has expanded to various events such as weddings, house parties, clubs, high school proms, and corporate events. He has DJed in various places around Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee.

DJ Tony T was once titled as the DJ with "The Most Eclectic Music Collection on the Planet" (SED, 2006). No event is just like another. It depends on the type of crowd that shows up to your event. DJ Tony T realizes this, and reads a crowd and plays the type of music they will like, not necessarily what he likes! All of this makes for a better event for you!

Strengths are electronic dance music, 80's & 90's Pop, Oldies, Soul, Funk, disco, wedding music, Ballroom, Swing, and Latin Dance music, Reggaeton.