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Tommy Boccuto



Tommy Boccuto began his career as a deejay in 1989 worked for 18 years in many places throughout Italy, reaching over the years a number of famous European clubs, proposing and experimenting with her sound House. May 2003 as a manufacturer has partnered with MBG (Boss Label 9 Records) with the single "The Guitar" published on 9 Records (promo 12 "), where he enjoyed great success over the years other collaborations with MBG themselves many compilations the same label ..! Tommy Boccuto sound today is always best described as a combination of various types of music, a very personal style and rich with a broad background music, which is considered as the key to its success. many of its productions there you can find in many Italian and foreign compilations, one of his tracks "Groovy Land" by overbeat Records Label was supported by Bob Sinclar entering Ranked also on Parede Trend Ibiza radio ....!
August 2013 he founded the label B74 Records where he publishes his music and national and international artists, working with different labels to name a few: Recording Convenience Stores, Nu Traxx Records, Overbeat Records, Jango Music, Disco Balls ...! Stay tuned ...!
Info and demo: info@tommyboccuto.it - ​​promo@tommyboccuto.it