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Tom Ellis



Tom Ellis (producer name Ellis Thomas) has been driven by dance music from an early age. He lived for techno and began to mix and produce dance music in 2003. The Psychedelic scene made its impact on Tom after he stumbled upon the Boom festival by chance in 2004. The unique sound of Psychedelic electronic music and the culture that comes along with it made an everlasting impression and the darker harder styles of Psytrance became a major part of his life.

In the summer of 2011 Tom took a new approach towards his production aiming to have dark chugging elements of Techno, with minimal style percussion and the use of many FX with evolving atmospheres to always take the listener on a journey.

Then in November 2011 Tom was extremely happy to become part of the Glitchy family when his debut E.P Head Music was released on Glitchy Tonic Records.