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He was born in hungary in 1984.

He has scraped acquaintance with Techno when he was 18, but this affection was shortly changed for harder beats.
The ambassadors of the harder genre dj rush and pet duo had a huge lead in his decision.

He stepped behind turntables for the very first time in 2004, at Kashmir UNdeground Club, in Budapest.

Right after his performance, he got invited to several parties which was also performed in Kashmir Club and also to the outings of Illegal Records, where he is still a member.
He also played in K2, where he still remains as a resident DJ of the Club.

At the end of 2007 a series of outings was born, called Dreadful Beats, where he was pillared member and a resident DJ as well.
Since his friend SveTec has seen enough fantasy and stubbornness to give a chance to him to prove his efficiency.

His producing work has been started side by side with the establishment of Dreadful Beats, which has gone up since then. Such names showed intrestion about his music as:
PET DUO//sven wittekind//spark taberner//albert kraner//SALVA TRUCHA//ALEX TB//MIKE DRAMA//MOTOMORFOCES, and different labels like: MENTAL TORMENTS//
RECONSTRUCTION RECORDS//datablender RECORDS and Digital labels like: TECHNOART RECORDINGS and Re-Soulution Records.

His first own digital realease has been brought by Technoart recordings at the end of the year 2008, named SOLDIERS ON THE LOOT.
In 2009 he started together with his friend, DJ Atom their own label which was called OVERWEIGHT RECORDINGS.

His releases:

Tracks & Albums:

->Thirsty 4 souls(with Psycho-Rex @ Technoart Recordings)
->Replican or a lesbian(Technoart Recordings)
->Soldiers on the loot EP(solo @ Technoart Recordings)(including 4 tracks)
->Only God can judge me(Overweight Recordings)
->Power of persistance(Overweight Recordings)
->Reflections EP(solo @ Overweight Recordings)(including 4 tracks

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.