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Tiefschwarz is an house dj comprising brothers, Alexander "Ali” and Sebastian "Basti" Schwarz, which formed in Stuttgart in 1996. Peter Hoff, who runs the Benztown, joined later, and completed the first Tiefschwarz production deejay team.

Tiefschwarz earliest productions were released on the Continuemusics label in 1997, and their first taste of a well-respected label was with their Music track on François Kevorkian's Wave Music label in 1999. The team released their first album, RAL9005 on the Four Music label in 2001, which was later licensed to Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon's Classic Recordings label. Tiefschwarz continued to release on Classic until its collapse in 2005, as well as releasing on labels such as Fine and International Deejay Gigolos. Tiefschwarz have composed remixes for Madonna's Get Together, Missy Elliott's "Teary Eyed" and Depeche Mode's single, "John the Revelator".
Vinyl and Download Music tip: Tiefschwarz - Melted Chocolate

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Tiefschwarz Do Me Feat Khan (Ame, Roman Flügel Rmx)


Do Me Feat Khan (Ame, Roman Flügel Rmx)

VÖ-Datum: 30.06.2015
Label: watergate
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6 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 6.