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thomas schumacher



thomas schumacher:
At the age of 14, when he first put needle to record, Thomas Schumacher unknowingly lay the foundation for what would become his life-long passion for music. Thomas was an early fan of the Neue Deutsche Welle (German Punk and New Wave) artists like D.A.F, Andreas Dorau and Palais Schaumburg and synth-pop innovators like Depeche Mode and New Order; however it was the first time he heard a DJ beat-mix the then-new sounds of Acid house in his hometown of Bremen, Germany, in 1987 that he immediately knew that he wanted to be a become a part of dance music culture. With this decision made, Thomas began buying 12 records and set about putting together a studio in his tiny bedroom, starting with an Atari computer which still has an honorary place in his studio in Berlin today