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Thomas Schneider



Thomas Schneider was born in Magdeburg on 1982 came in contact with Techno music at the beginning of the year 1996. At that time he regenerated sounds from Green Velvet, Bob Brown, Cristian Vogel and Neil Landstrumm and mixed style?s like Brighton, Chicago and Detroit Techno. After the first tentative steps he started to realized first own arrangements with friends which resulted that he started to play more performances in Magdeburg east Germany. In the year 2003 he came in close contact with the Magdeburger Crew ?Brishni Brashni? to establish one?s reputation. One year later he changed his ways to Goa and played besides the ?Elfentanz Festival? on indoor Techno events in the Sackfabrik magdeburg. at the same time he get to know a lot of different operator and started to play for aktion Aktion Audio Magdeburg and Rabaukenaram Riesa. The request ascended and he begun to perform as Resident DJ in the Sackfabrik Magdeburg. After 3 intensive years and a lot of partys he decided to achive a new concept to facilitate his own typical sound. In the end of 2006 he instituted with friends the new Projekt ?Kurzschluss? which comprised even the Artist Booking, Events and coming releases. His sets are changeable, Thomas Schneider combinate vinyl with own productions and unforgotten chapters like Goa, Brighton Techno, Techhouse or Drum & Bass.

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Thomas Schneider 20 Lines

thomas schneider

20 Lines

VÖ-Datum: 29.09.2010
Label: O.T.E.
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