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Thomas Jung



Thomas Jung was born in November 1977. He started the music with CDs in 1996. He used to play in different parties.
At the moment he played 80s, 90s and Charts. 1998 he played first time with its own Turntables, and presented it in different Clubs and Radioshows of Trance, Tech Trance and House parties.

Then in 2002, he found his style is Minimal Techno music. Also he still create new stuffs and keep the faith in his way until now.

In September 2006 he created with his colleague IL Fabbro the project ?AUDIO FOCUS ?which successfully rock in many clubs lately till now.
At the same time the two also began to produce their own music.

In the middle of 2008, Thomas also play LIVE and REMIX performance.
His Setup changed completely to digital, running Ableton Live for Live Acting.
For DJ he use the NI Traktor Software playing with Timecode Vinyl.

In September 2011 his first Releases on G Recordings and True Balance Records, comes out on different Stores like Beatport, iTunes, Juno Download, DJTunes, Amazon and more...

In October 2011 he start his own Company J Music Agency.

"J Music Agency" is a world wide dynamic agency responsible for providing the finest talent electronic music and Live Act from Thomas Jung.

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