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the subs



Played more than 160 shows, travelled to 14 countries, used 12 different airline companies, 2 tour buses and 1 private jet. Between the three of them, they’ve mailed about 250 post cards and drank about 80 bottles of vodka. On the road, they’ve lost 5 iPhone adapters and 6 pairs of earplugs. 480 T-shirts were sold and they’ve counted at least 12 stage invasions and 13 scuffles with venue security. The band remembers 10 speeding tickets and were questioned by the police at least 3 times. They’ve made 6 music video’s, launched 1 blog and recorded 3 videocasts. Their audience took home 3 shoes and ripped 2 pairs of trousers from Papillon’s body, who did vomit on stage once.
7 live shows ended with a broken wireless microphone and 2 AX-7 keytars got smashed up. A total of 68 rolls of Gaffer tape were used, about 100 glitter balls were ‘customised’, more than 70 interviews were given and their tunes featured on 78 compilations. About half of the past 730 days they’ve spend inside a studio, 45 demo’s were made and 21 different versions of new artwork got rejected. About 28 hours were spend discussing the definitive, 11 songs counting track list… but it’s here, the second album by The Subs: Decontrol.

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5 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 5.