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The Forest



Project - The Forest / Tbilisi.Georgia

Member - The musician and producer Karlo Tomadze. (works since 2000)

Genres -Techno / Electronica / Experimental

From 2006 on - a member of the trip-hop band 2nd Floor / he also had his own personal projects.

In 2007 Karlo formed a project ? The Forest

The Forest usually works with various artists artists - Mancho Kokhreidze vocal (P.I.Light ), Vicki Lee vocal , Zizi Borotkina vocal, Archi bass (P.I.Light)

Collaborates ? with a band P.I.Light-also helped to record the album ? Doomsday Kid Diaries?.

Labels: Salto Recordings, Bdivision Records, ARTEFEKZ Muzik, MINIMUS