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Stormtrooper alias Peter Nitschke started Dj-ing 1997 in small Clubs in his Hometown Rosenheim. It didnt take long until everybody knew that his sound was too hard for most of the parties, so he started playing in towns like Munich and Salzburg, where more people liked the harder sound. In 2002 he founded his own small Label called SCUM Records, where he compiled CD-Compilations with Hardcore Acts from all over Germany, especially new talents, but also already known producers. Everything got bigger very quick, and in 2003 he got signed by Lenny Dees famous Label Industrial Strength Records, where he was part of the massive comeback of ISR with his first vinyl release. After productions for ISR other Labels like Speedcore (Germany), the well known Dutch Mokum Records and Deathchant (UK) followed. Dj Stormtrooper played at many big events all over Europe like Mayday, Energy, Masters of Hardcore and Defqon 1.

Peter Nitschke started producing electronic music at the age of 14 on his old Amiga 500 with 1MB RAM. Slowly but surely his equipment advanced to a PC 486 with 22kHz Samples, then to Hardware Synths, and finally after the millenium to Software Synths.

In 2000 he started releasing music on his own Label SCUM Records, followed in 2003 by big names like Industrial Strength, Mokum Records, Deathchant and others. His style focuses on slow Industrial Hardcore and faster Hardcore with lots of Edits. Together with his longtime friend and MC Michael Koch aka MCK he is also doing a mixture of Hardcore and HipHop (not sampled, but self-performed!!!), which could be called "Rapcore".

Stormtrooper is also very active as a DJ. Beginning in South Germany in 1997 his sound was considered way too hard for most events, however after playing in places such as Munich it did not take long for his sound to be well received.

After a lot of moving around and performing all throughout Europe, everything took off in 2003 in conjunction with his hit release on Industrial Strength Records, 'Todesvogel', and his admission into Third Movement Bookings. From this time on he played at many big events, some particulars names are; Energy in Zurich, Raving Nightmare NL, Hell or Heaven in Salzburg and Hardcore Gladiators in Oberhausen.

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robbie long & stormtrooper oochie coochie

robbie long & stormtrooper

oochie coochie

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