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Snob Electro Sounds



SNOB Electro Sounds was born in 2008, even then it was obvious that combining these two best friends would surely result in a small nuclear blast. Not only did these two share a passion for beats, but they also shared the determination to party hard every time. Its not your average radio tunes that you will hear in their sets, but a hurricane of BASS and BEATS!

Inspired by such artists as The Proxy, The Bloody Beetroots, Huoaratron, Boys Noize and much much more, they started producing their own music in the beginning of 2009. After a lot of attention on the blogosphere they got noticed by an Italian label named Studio 3 Rekords. Not only did this result in banging label nights in Italy, but they got to release their first EP in january 2010.

This has widely opened the door to take Belgium by storm! SNOB ES is really creating a name for itself in the Belgian scene, so you do not want to miss out, if you want to experience a party where you will have to reconsider your idea of partying hard Check out their DJ-set at the next party near you!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.