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Ruben Mandolini



Ruben Mandolini was born in Prato in 1982.

He approaches the world of music since the young age of 13 years. His great passion for it and the ease with which he's able to play musical instruments, led him to become a passionate musician about guitars, keyboards and modular synthesizers.

Still very young, Ruben began to attend the most important clubs in Tuscany and his interest in this kind of electronic music led him to begin his career as a DJ in some small clubs in the province.
Since then everything was in a growing culture of House and Techno which soon led him to devote himself to what concern DJing and music production.

Over the years, his dedication and professionalism in addition with the grit that he emanates from his dj-sets, brought him to perform in many major Tuscan clubs until becoming resident of CLUB999 in Prato which you can say...it's his home!

Many of the major labels in the current underground scene, among which Snatch! Records, Material Series, Circle Music and Lapsus Music, started to be interested in his sound that over time has become a deadly mix of House, Techno and funky-grooves.

His productions got great feedbacks from both critics and by his colleagues, his tracks indeed are appreciated and played by many international renowned artists such as Riva Starr, Mark Knight, Pete Tong, Paco Osuna, Pirupa, Leon, M.in, Mathias Kaden, Supernova, Butch, Mihalis Safras, Danny Serrano, Luca Agnelli, Arado and many other big DJs.

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ruben mandolini different ep

ruben mandolini

different ep

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