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Robert Stahl



The producer and DJ Robert Stahl is occupied many-sided who has found already very early his passion for Djing. 1998 was a very eventful year for Robert. He opened in collaboration with DJ Sinus the Techno and House club "Decibel". It was also this year which Robert and Sinus made realise your live Act "Genetic Code". By his pulsating beats and the unusual mix style he became famous in the carinthian eventszene. These results brought him in 2000 to the club scene of Bosnia. Since that time the groove beats of Robert Stahl have set up in the eventscene., aural rave (A), tour de france (A), Electro fantastica (BIH), mungos (CRO), fabrik (A), club central (DE), metalurgie (BIH), kart to rave (A), stereoclub (A), .... In 1999 Robert and Sinus realised their own studio to work on new and innovative productions. In 2002 Robert Stahl and Sinus aka "Genetic Code" produced their first 12 " record (Dunloop Records). Nowadays Robert co-operates increasingly with Wolfgang Lausegger and woks on his project "Genetic Code", to release other productions. www.southbeat.at