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Robert Solheim



After playing various instruments as well as singing in different bands for many years, Robert Solheim had his first solo release in 1997 on the famed label Origo Sound in Norway (Biosphere, Eyeman Real, Erik Wollo). Since then he has released 6 critically acclaimed albums as Current under the genre ambient, ambient-techno and chill-out. He has been nominated best album, best track and also came out as number 7 on a ?Best 100 Electronic Track? survey amongst other artists like Underworld, Biosphere, Kraftwerk, David Sylvian and many more in 2003. He is ½ of the industrial-lounge act Aquavit who had their first release in March 2008. He also recently composed and produced the music for the dark electro act ?The Opiates? together with Billie Ray Martin, they released a 4 track EP in 2008 and a full album is due to be released in May 2010. Lately he is releasing his own deep techno and house under his own name on the label 'Aquavit Records' (founded by Michael Snyder and Robert in 2008), as well as working as a DJ and doing live performances. He is also collaborating with Baldo from Neovinyl Recordings which has its first release coming out on Aquavit Records in January 2010, a release coming up on Overflow Records and his second solo release with remixes from Shaka (Morris Audio, Corner Records) and Baldo right here in february 2010. A planned new Aquavit album is work in progress as well.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.