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robert armani



Born on Chicago’s southside 1970, Robert has an expansive Musical career that started at the age of 14 with Djing and remixing from the age of 18. In his cellar Robert started organising parties that became very popular in his neigbourhood. Some of the diehard visitors of Robert besement parties were inspired by him and became also DJs, amongst them was DJ Rush others became Rapstars like R Kelly.

Robert was going to become a police officer up untill he spun abroad in Italy and realized his true passion. It was actually in Italy where his female fans named him Armani because of his designer clothes he loved to wear.

Robert Armani follows the detroit techno revolution as an extraordinarily singular artist. Known as the grumpiest genius in techno his sounds have gone on to heavily influence the likes of Steve Stoll, Mosquito and numerous veins of minimal and reductive techno and electronica.

The Robert Armani mastermix stands out as one of the finest examples of 4 to the floor driven techno. Armani’s use of gradual sonic development and the finest base thud in the business have ensured his ongoing relevence to the development of techno.

Robert’s Influences include Armando, Mike Dunn and Frankie Knuckles. He sees his music sticking with old styles and doing “whatever comes to mind”.

Producing with labels including Dance Mania, Pushpac, AVC, BML, High Octane and many more Armani has captured the ears of fans and promotors all over the world . He has played many international parties givig people his hard Techno fell. You name the place Armani has played there from Chicago to Japan.

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Robert Armani Fourty Nine Ep

robert armani

Fourty Nine Ep

VÖ-Datum: 14.02.2017
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Robert Armani / Traxmen Collection Vol.1

robert armani / Traxmen

Collection Vol.1

VÖ-Datum: 02.05.2014
Label: Dance Mania
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