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Ricardo Motta



Ricardo Motta

Born in Sao Paulo, Ricardo Motta began early to enjoy music and over the years has been perfecting his technique playing at parties of friends.

From the age of 14 he started playing professionally at legendary clubs, his career however, began in 1994, where he played for the first time in a ?club of truth?, the Garage club in San Paulo.Passou by several clubs before arriving in 1997 in the famous Disco Fever, where he remained as a resident for four years. In 2000 he was invited to be a resident of the Sound Factory in Sao Paulo and in 2001, of The Hall in Curitiba, where he had the opportunity to establish a solid career in the state, being a resident of the club by two years and also going through almost all the clubs the region.
A versatile artist with great technical precision and a large repertoire, his style is predominantly house, going through tech house, Electro and progressive house.

Ricardo Motta?s talent goes beyond the art of mixing, his work as producer started in 2003, has earned him a lot of acclaim from the media and público.Com music of good taste and quality, Reed eventually came to Europe through the cd of the English magazine DJ Mag, the largest and flagship publication of electronic music world, with bands and Galinhada.Ainda Much better this year to launch the hands of nic fanciulli, in the important British Renaissence label, the band Spy, along with artists like Basement Jaxx, Sandy Rivera, Anthony Acid and Paolo Mojo, are among the tracks of the DJ and played in their sets.Isso earned her credentials to play in the celebrations of Renaissance label in Brazil performing in clubs Pacha, Warung among others.

Today it has several EPs and singles released by renowned labels such as Renaissance, Exun Records, Knob Records, Bugeyed Records, Four Peas Recordings, Absolutely Records, Dj Mag, Superbia Records, Red Hammer Records, Southamerican House, Intel Records Housbeat Records URBR, Moon Music, Appliances, Smart Traxx, Memorabilia Records, Puzzle Records, This Beat Records, Display Records as well as music production partnerships with major international names such as Del Horno, Joy Marquez, Tonny Puccio, DJ Dextro, Human Beans, Alex Milan, Jordi Sanchez Jake Chec, Nuvex, Alejandro Roman, Jerome Zambino among others.

During these years he has performed at major events and national and international clubs such as: W. Club (Lisbon Portugal) rools Pub (Figueira da foz Portugal), Vinyl Plazza (Figueira da foz Portugal), Discoteca Karma (Rio Maior Portugal ), Lotus, Reebok Tops 2006, Disco, Pacha (Sp), Daslu, Warung, Kiwi (Flriranopolis), Vila Uber, Cabaret, Deluxe.E, Tostex, Deseo (Balneario Camburiú) Disco Fever, Garage Club It Club, Muzik , Ultralounge, Sound Factory, W. Mix, Rave EXP (Cuiabá), Mercado Mundo Mix (Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and São Paulo), Feast of Val, Rave Club Industry (Aracaju), Fashion Club (Recife), DOTS (Maringá), Big Fish (Curitiba) The Hall (Curitiba), Box Club (Curitiba), Mediterranean (Curitiba), Factory, Brotherhood (Florianópolis), Nightlife (Florianópolis), Stereo Pub (Curitiba), warp Zone, MTV Electronics, Lov.e, D-edge, Loungedeluxe , Bubu Lounge, SPKZ, Club Z, Skol Spirit, zoof Club (Campinas), Club Vila V, Hall, Cokeluxe, MTV Electronics, Big Fish, Warp Zone, Christmas of Love, Eletrogroove, E-Garden, the L Club, Vermont among others.

Thanks to his charisma and ability to captivate audiences with his distinctive set list that causes euphoria, today Reed won admiration and respect of a legion of fans and shared the decks with big names like John Digweed, Derrick Carter, audiofly, Wally Lopez, Little Louie Vega, Yousef, Max Graham, Ricky Ryan, Rf Neville, josh wink, Behrouz, King Unique, New Order DJ set, Masiela Desyn, Demi, Omid 16B, Sven Vath, Marco Carola, Christian Varela, Jeff Swing Dj Fist, Del Horno, Jordi Sanchez, Joy Marquez, Erich Ensastigue, Eric Entrena, Gustavo Zapata, Kriss Salas, Oscar L, Tonny Puccio among others.

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kinky t / ricardo motta rotraum favourite remixes part 1

kinky t / ricardo motta

rotraum favourite remixes part 1

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