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Rene Park



For about 14 years Rene Park is now on DJ business in Germany. He started on school and birthday parties, being a hobby for improving his pocket money at first. A bit later at the age of 18 Rene was accommodated as LJ in the club "Location/Rainbow". The first time temporarily, but he worked his way up to one of the 3 Resident DJ's of the club pretty fast.

In the aftermath and currently there were following events and clubs like Club 27 Thübingen, Beatparade 'Warm Up', Kultfabrik RT (Färberei 4) Radai Rabatz Klub, V.I.P. Club, SVG Partyzug, Corner RT, Sunshine-Club, Stellwerk, Billy Bobs, Pastavino, DDC Silvesterparty, Nachtschwärmer RT Event, ON Club, as well as for business and club events.

After numerous gigs in many clubs he was driven to produce own electronic music as well. After publishing his first single "Back to the Jungle" (Klangkubik Music) there were following remix projects for "Ron Ravolta" (Rakete Records). According to this, the German electronic dance music label "Planet Bass Records" took notice of him and signed Rene in 2010.

At the moment, Rene Park is working on new singles and is opened for any remix requests...