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The first commercial success came with the Single KISS THAT SOUND, starting with sensational positions in the Dance charts and then his first entry into the German Sales charts. The path of success continued to rise with the follow-up releases I DOMINATE U, TAKE U HIGH and YOUR SPIRIT IS SHINING. The Single CAMBODIA gave him his first Top 10 Single in Germany, a Top 5 Single in Austria and achieved chart positions in the whole of Europe! Further Singles, such as DIN DAA DAA, TIME, MOVE FOR FREEDOM, GALAXY, VAGABONDS, SLAMMIN’, INSANE or BEAT BANGS as well as the Albums SELECTED, SEQUENCE and NIGHT MOVES and side projects like topmodelz, LIMELIGHT or LOVESTERN GALAKTICA all made it into the Sales Charts….

As one of the most influential Dance producers in Germany, PULSEDRIVER is the personification of the term TRANCECORE … his receipe for success was clear : chart hits, successful Albums and compilations speak for themselves.

His innovative style also makes PULSEDRIVER a guarantee for club hits in his role as remixer. He was named “Best National Remixer” in the years 2002, 2003 & 2004 in succession and his remixes helped numerous famous acts e.g. KIM WILDE, Lasgo, IAN VAN DAHL, MILK INC., TWENTY 4 SEVEN, VENGABOYS, U96 or SINEAD O’CONNOR have club successes …. In the meantime PULSEDRIVER has had made over 200 remixes for acts worldwide.

At the beginning of this new century PULSEDRIVER founded the label aqualoop RECORDS in order to give his ideas and experience as a producer an own platform. The label became on the of the most successful Dance Labels in Germany within a very short period of time and has already managed to have over 25 releases featured in international sales charts….

Nowadays PULSEDRIVER belongs, with over 100 national and international bookings each year, to the upper echelons of the music business… These are some of places he has DJed over the years : Singapore, Japan, Russia, Rumania, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia and, of course, almost all locations in Germany …