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Mount Kimbie



Mount Kimbie is an English electronic music duo, consisting of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos. They formed the group in London in 2008 and released their debut album Crooks & Lovers in 2010 in the UK to critical acclaim.
With familiar beats underneath otherworldly productions, Mount Kimbie are arguably responsible for the birth of the term "post-dubstep." Dominic Maker and Kai Campos formed Mount Kimbie while both were attending Southbank University in London.

The image of an innovator as an eccentric bohemian rarely rings true in dance music. Usually they look like Dominic Maker and Kai Campos. When I met the pair in a café under a railway line in East London, they cut unassuming figures—a touch shy, ostensibly very normal. But when Mount Kimbie appeared back in 2009, it seemed to signal a new phase in UK club music. With its bright and hazy aesthetic, The Maybes EP, a contemporary classic, nourished a dubstep scene that was starved of light. Other producers began to jump on Mount Kimbie's sound, injecting their own music with sped-up vocals, plinking drums and splashes of melancholia. Maker and Campos may or may not have been the first act of the "post-dubstep" era, but they were certainly the best.

Kai Campos and Dominic Maker of UK electronic duo Mount Kimbie like making up their own rules-- even if that happens by accident. The pair's 2010 debut Crooks & Lovers was specifically borne from UK bass culture and released on Hotflush-- a label that continues to rewrite the parameters of the genre-- but there was nothing hard-hitting or particularly dancey about the album. Instead, it explored small textures, meticulously cut-up samples, and clicking rhythms, carrying a constant soft hum along with its homemade melancholy.

And while many bass-leaning producers release material at a constant pace, Mount Kimbie have remained awfully quiet over the past two years, touring at a semi-constant clip but releasing little more than a few remixes since. While taking a break from studio work a few weeks ago, Campos explained that the pair had a difficult time working on new material while on the road, a form of procrastination that it sounds like he might regret at this point: "This was the longest I've gone without making new music since I was 15-- making music became my job, and then I had no time to do it."

After a quick North American tour with Squarepusher at the end of this month, the pair will finish off their Crooks & Lovers follow-up for new label home Warp. The as-yet-untitled record's 65% done, with almost an hour of raw material developed from several months of sessions. Campos says that the album should see release sometime next year.

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