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marco carola



marco carola:
Marco Carola is the recognized global ambassador of Italian techno. It's a position he treats with the utmost care and respect and one that stands him among the hallowed company of contemporary techno's leading practitioners. Hailing from Napoli in the south of the country, Marco was among a small group of DJs and promoters who quite literally built the city's scene from scratch back in the early-'90s. In 1995's First Planet EP he became the first Neopolitan artist to commit techno to vinyl, paving the way for an entire generation of producers. These days Marco is a mainstay of Richie Hawtin's Minus and Plus 8 labels, who, much like Marco himself, are one of the driving forces behind techno's permeation of the worldwide dance scene. Napoli, 1993, and the enduring flame of the Italo house sound had begun to smolder. The young DJ Marco Carola had at this point been spinning house music for a number of years— but as commercial club music began to assert a stranglehold over Italy, and the hopelessly insular media of the country's north continues to shun the south, a change is afoot. Fuelled by a groundswell of local DJs, clubbers and promoters; visits from DJs like Richie Hawtin and Jeff Mills; and Napoli's long held propensity for underground music, the city's techno scene enters into its embryonic stage. Marco along with friends Davide Squillace, Gaetano Parisio, Danilo Vigorito, Rino Cerrone and Random Noize are at the vanguard of this early movement, and with no one outside of the city to take cues from, the Neopolitan scene becomes a force unto itself. If they're doing their job properly every DJ will have a calling card, and as Marco puts it, he was "born" with a three-deck style of mixing. This fast and furious approach also lent itself to use of a sampler, which would later provide the grounding for Marco's work as a producer. By 1995 he had amassed a considerable body of music, but with no indigenous labels to put-out his creations, Marco was forced to take matters into his own hands. Design Music was set up with a humble aim: for people to experience the music of Marco Carola. But as sales on its initial release, First Planet, entered into the tens of thousands and Sven Vath became an ardent early supporter, it was clear Design, and by extension Carola, were set for far bigger things.

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Marco Carola Fokus (re-issue)

marco carola

Fokus (re-issue)

VÖ-Datum: 20.03.2015
Label: zenit
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