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After being born in Ibiza and having lived in places like Miami, its only normal that this boy turned out to be an electronic music freak. At the early age of 11, Lupo used to escape school with his partner in crime to make their first dance tracks with the simple program ?Dance eJay?, showing the enormous interest and enthusiasm that he already had for this genre.
Today, Lupo is here to bring you some dancefloor wrecking tunes which will blow your mind and make your body move. From his hard Electro style to his smooth House, this young artist is ready to prove that he has burst into the musical industry to stay there and to earn his spot at the top.

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lupo farbenfroh & hell (incl. gunne & the che


farbenfroh & hell (incl. gunne & the che

VÖ-Datum: 18.07.2016
Label: lebensfreude
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