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loleatta holloway



Loleatta Holloway was born on November 5, 1946, to a musical family. At the tender age of five, she began performing gospel songs with her mother, a member of the church chorus. Obessesed with the music, she went on to study music and melody, and graduated from college with a degree in music.

Loleatta then signed on to Galaxy Records, where she created her first two albums: "Loleatta" and "Cry to Me". Her first hit single, "Rainbow '71", was a huge hit and nearly made #1. For several years, Loleatta created some of the best singles - "Dreamin'", "Love Sensation", "Ride on Time" and "What Goes Around Comes Around" were some of the hundreds of songs she released in the world.

When she died all too soon on March 21, 2011, from heart failure, she was mourned by the news. Loleatta had set a new standard for the magic of gospel and hip-hop.

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