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Klara Klang represents the german DJ and producer with releases on labels like Wald and Wiese, Ton Liebt Klang.

KLANG & WER "is a fresh DJ / producer duo consisting of Klara Klang and Jim Wer. Both are already for a while spending time in the clubs as DJ, but each one independently, but that only untilthey found eachother on Myspace back in 2010. During long nights frickeln in joint tracks the two of them learnt how to know eachother very well, in terms of production and interpersonally. And is seems that between the two had almost sparked.

Through a shared passion for black and gold for the production of minimal techno tracks with influences darken, they have taken the decision in early 2012, to bring to life the project Klang & Wer to launch to package their ideas together into tracks. Both are in the Hamburg label Ton Liebt Klang and the DJ community represented by "Dachgeschossmusik" and have already published a number of things. On the sub-label "Wald und Wiese" was a vinyl, released with one track of the two. Once "Klara Klang - carrot and stick" and "JimPanse - Cementery (Klara Klang Remix)" . The two could not believe it and were thereby allow to create and publish more driven joint projects. Their first release, with famous DJs as a remixer on the newcomer label "Minimalgestöber Records" is coming.

Be curious and alert when Klang & Wer visit the clubs in your area!!!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.