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johannes heil



Johannes Heil (born 3 Feb. 1978) is a German electronic music producer from Ober-Mörlen near Frankfurt. Simply one of the most talented producers to come out of Europe in the last ten years. If you look at his back catalogue it's untouchable for sheer quality over so many different styles of electronic music. Thankfully he never seems to get stuck making music for one type of audience, so there are loads of absolutely monstrous techno records to be found alongside some of the most sublime cuts of deeper tech electro dub and ambient. One of the few artists who 99% of the time you can buy on sight.

Heils music has spanned many Genres, he has the ability to evoke the atmosphere of chilled out electronica and also driving dancefloor classics, he certainly is one of my top producers for his diversity!

With the hits of '' Paranoid Dancer'', ''Djunglebook'', '' I Love To Beat You'', ''Cause I Hate You'' from the album Reality to MIDI, he managed to take the jump into the recognized second division of the German producers. The former received even a reprint (among other things of DJ bright) with numerous Remixes in 2002. The album's celebration of 2001 contains available Tracks only on vinyl to date which were published now on CD (label Kanzleramt). The album The World appeared to label "Datapunk" on Anthony Rothers in 2004.

Johannes has grown to one of the most important techno-producers. We are proud to have him with us!