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Johannes Brecht



There are bustling talents and there are reclusive virtuoso – Johannes Brecht undoubtedly fits in both categories. As a studio and live musician for many German major artists, Brecht was able to build a reputation as a talented newcomer in recent years. A whiz who acted mostly in the background - this is where Brecht felt most comfortable so far. Therefore, it makes little sense to pigeonhole the man from Stuttgart in only one genre. Let's try it another way: If Johannes Brecht would be a book, the title could be: A classically trained and professional musician roughs up the electronic music scene.

Brecht is responsible for all orchestral arrangements of the Henrik Schwarz „Instruments“ project that sparked huge enthusiasm in Tokyo and Amsterdam as part of the Red Bull Music Academy. As Henrik Schwarz heard the first production of his band member, he decided to reactivate his label Sunday Music in January 2013 to release Brecht’s „Holla EP“. Unsurprisingly, very early Schwarz noticed Brecht’s virtuoso skills that have already been placed in Brecht childhood by a family of musicians. What sounds like the usual story; Brecht’s previous development offers a colorful kaleidoscope of many-sided talents. At the age of five he took lessons for classical piano, later he developed a passion for jazz music, which he channeled through his support in various bands as well as the construction of its first home studios. Logical step: study of jazz / pop and double bass and electronic bass guitar at the music college in Stuttgart, who hired him later as a sound engineer.